Export Academy

PwC Export Academy

Are you export ready?

If you’re a business owner pursuing international growth, you need to get quality assistance up front to help ensure your success.

Global expansion plans can drain cash, so you need to spend your money wisely and get relevant, timely and practical advice. Getting it wrong can be expensive, time consuming and ultimately put the success of your offshore expansion at risk.

The PwC Export Academy supports your success in offshore markets by making sure you get the right advice at the right time and for the right price.

How it helps

The Export Academy helps businesses during the initial phases of their international growth – we act as your business mentor, providing you with the highest quality service, referrals and support to accelerate your growth.

We’ll leverage our strong global network and extensive experience with businesses of all types and sizes, to provide your business with the right advice to transition successfully in to offshore markets, at a nominal cost.

With the Export Academy you’ll get ready access to advice from specialists within the world’s leading professional services firm, in a simple, low cost structure.

As a member of the Export Academy, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • A key contact partner or director within PwC with international expertise who you can call or email at any time to answer your queries. They’ll give you high level, practical, verbal recommendations on key issues facing your business.
  • Two strategic reviews – meetings with a team from PwC with expertise in areas relevant to your business, to discuss your business and identify areas which are hampering growth and expansion.
  • An introduction to the PwC global network and other professional services providers in places where you are looking to do business.
  • High level recommendations on business structure, corporate governance and treasury.
  • Referrals to our personal contacts within relevant funding bodies such as NZTE and Callaghan Innovation.
  • A review of your grant applications to ensure funding providers’ criteria are met.
  • An introduction to: cloud accounting and book keeping tools, incentive schemes to attract and retain talented employees, and investor networks the PwC global customs network.
  • Access to our immigration helpdesk.
  • A review of your end-of-year financials and high level discussion around exposure areas.

What are the benefits?

With the Export Academy you’ll have the confidence of knowing your PwC partner or director is only a phone call or email away, to give you the best advice and help minimise unnecessary costs.

Other key benefits include: expertise and support when you need it, access to our market knowledge, benchmarks and key relationships, and access our broader expertise as needed.

Your relationship with the PwC Export Academy can be complementary to an on-going relationship you have with an existing professional services advisor.

What will it cost?

Our standard membership fee is $800 per month for two years, however this can be adjusted depending on your needs and what services you want to receive from PwC.

It’s important that our service is practical and simple without putting strain on cash flow – so our fee is structured to support this.

In addition to these core offerings, we can provide advice and support at a 50% discount of our standard rate for two years.

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