Moving to New Zealand

Moving countries can expose individuals and their families to tax systems and risks which are unfamiliar. Even if a person or family has lived in New Zealand before, there may be aspects of the tax system that were not previously considered if they have accumulated wealth and assets during time abroad.

Our tax team offers reliable, trustworthy help for our clients moving to New Zealand for the first time or returning after a period overseas. We can assist our clients in navigating the tax system before, during and after their relocation, as well as advising on tax issues across multiple countries to preserve personal wealth.

We work with clients to create tailored plans to ensure a smooth transition when relocating to New Zealand.

Do any of these situations describe you?

  • considering a move to New Zealand
  • wanting to protect family wealth
  • potential beneficiaries of your wealth live across multiple countries
  • looking for a way to disperse income or funds in a tax-efficient manner
  • wanting advice on trust formation, cross-border tax planning and on-going administration of taxation affairs
  • wishing to invest in New Zealand but have no local experience to draw from or network to discuss similar experiences with.

The benefits to you:

  • an experienced team to ensure a smooth transition of your tax affairs during your move
  • protection of your personal and family wealth
  • advisers who can assist with a long-term tax strategy.

In addition to our migration specialists, our clients gain access to our broader team of experts – taxation, accounting and business specialists – and access to our network in New Zealand such as private banks and premium real estate brokers.

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