Inland Revenue risk reviews and disputes

Inland Revenue risk reviews and disputes

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Responding to investigations and tax disputes initiated by Inland Revenue is more complex than ever before, and can turn into in stressful, costly and time consuming distraction.

We provide the following services designed to deal with Inland Revenue risk reviews and disputes efficiently.

How we can help

Setting the dispute strategy – our Tax Disputes team works closely with clients who are confronted with investigations or disputes, to identify tax risks, minimise exposure to penalties and reduce the overall cost of the process. We can call on our mix of legal, commercial, technical and Inland Revenue experience to set the best strategy for managing the dispute process with Inland Revenue to reduce the overall cost.

Managing the dispute process – it’s critical that the appropriate information is provided to Inland Revenue on a considered and timely basis. We can prepare and review tax disputes documents, facilitate conference and settlement discussions with Inland Revenue, and manage tax risk by obtaining indicative views, binding rulings and determinations. We also offer expert and cost effective discovery options including forensic support for e-discovery.

Access to specialist expertise – we can bring in accounting and valuation experts to support your tax position.  We also work closely with tax barristers and in-house counsel when appropriate.

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