Private Business Insights – Summer 2014

As we head towards the summer holiday period, business confidence is looking up despite slowing growth in the China economy and falling milk prices in New Zealand. The Government is looking to further boost confidence in our market with upcoming changes to requirements for companies and limited partnerships.

In our latest Private Business Insights we take a look at some of these changes, what they mean for you, as well as ways to maximise the performance of your business including:

  • Are you excessively paid?
    Inland Revenue shines the spotlight on compensation for employees
    Innovate and grow
  • Non-executive directors in family-owned businesses
    How they could benefit your board
  • Using business acumen in charitable giving
    Maximise your return on these investments
  • Five reasons to stick your head in the cloud
    Why the cloud is so important today
  • Innovate and grow
    How grants can benefit your business
  • Fast-five with Scott McLiver
    Our PwC Partner answers our quick-fire questions

Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss any of these business issues further, or if you have any feedback or thoughts.

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