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PwC Partner Mike Bignell – November 2015

I’m looking at expanding my business overseas and have heard there are a few organisations that can support my growth plans. Who are these organisations who can help me with exporting and how can they assist?

The decision to start on an export journey can be hard for any business to make, particularly if you don’t know who can help. Luckily for aspiring Kiwi businesses, there are many organisations who are there to help you out on your export journey.

Each organisation can help in different ways and the following is a summary of ‘the main players’ describing who they are and what they can do, which would likely complement the assistance your accountants, bankers or lawyers can provide.

Firstly, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), work alongside regional business partners across New Zealand. Their main role is to provide market knowledge and assistance in building and developing capability to succeed and with incredible reach across the globe, they can really help make connections.

Initial introductions to support from NZTE are made by regional business partners such as Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development (ATEED) in Auckland, Grow Wellington or the Canterbury Development Corporation who have in-house capability to help you understand what is needed to succeed and what support is available.

Export New Zealand, a subset of Business New Zealand, provides opportunities for businesses to upskill, forums to connect and advocacy on behalf of all exporters to central Government.

Through the connection with Business New Zealand, they work connections throughout New Zealand. KEA (Kiwi Expats Abroad) help aspiring businesses connect with the many Kiwis offshore who can help get a foothold in a foreign market.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, who negotiate free trade deals on our behalf, help businesses take advantage of those agreements and also use their strong international network to connect Kiwi businesses.

Finally, the New Zealand Export Credit office, can work alongside your bank to facilitate and finance trade.

These are just a selection of organisations that can help in specific locations.

As a nation that needs to export to provide prosperity for all, make the most of the help out there to help make your export goals a reality.

As published by Fairfax in November 2015.

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