Private Business Insights – Spring 2015

Planning for your future

After seeing businesses operate in both the best and worst of market conditions, a common thread has emerged. Those entrepreneurs and private business owners who have successfully navigated the ebbs and flows of the economy all plan for the future.

So what are you doing today to ensure your business is relevant tomorrow? Take the time to consider your next steps, whether it’s operating more efficiently via the cloud, retaining customers, minimising your risk, or expanding to new markets. The insights in our latest edition of Private Business Insights are designed to get you thinking:

  • Moving your business to the cloud – The benefits of cloud accounting
  • Disrupt the disruptors – Transforming customer experiences
  • Tax by the megabyte – GST in our digital economy
  • Solve your cash flow conundrum – Asset based lending
  • Looking east – Tops tips for exporting to Asia
  • Cyber crime – protecting your business

We hope you will connect with the issues covered in the spring edition of Private Business Insights and, remember, we’re here to help you through your growing pains and when the unexpected happens.

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