Private Business Insights – Autumn 2016

What’s next for your business?

Whether it’s people, technology or your business model – prepare to focus on innovation more in 2016, as the status quo will not last. Change is happening faster and becoming more radical, so I encourage you to keep thinking innovatively this year.

More and more so, a key trait of innovative businesses is the ability to embrace technology to drive value. One way we’re helping businesses to do this is through the launch of PwC’s Next – a cloud based platform which provides one clear view of your entire business in real time – enabling faster and more informed decisions to help you grow.

The insights in our latest edition of Private Business Insights focus on helping you prepare for what’s next:

  • The launch of PwC’s Next
  • Are you a contender for the PwC Hi-Tech Company of the Year Award?
  • New year – new business goals. Ten tips for setting objectives.
  • What will the TPPA mean for SMEs?
  • Family business health checks – would you pass?
  • Wealth and retirement planning.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Private Business Insights and remember, we’re here to help with your business plans, so you’re prepared for the opportunities, as well as the challenges.

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