Private Business Insights – Spring 2016

We’re focused on the technology innovation helping to make your business fit for the future.

New Zealand is known across the globe for developing cutting-edge technology that delivers real benefits while gliding the results seamlessly into the way people want to live or work.

PwC has done just that with the development of a food fraud vulnerability assessment app. The free online tool allows companies to seek out where food fraud risk could exist in their business and wider supply chain.

We’ve also launched PwC’s Next – a completely reimagined relationship with your business adviser, coupled with an online platform providing real-time information and insights.

It’s not surprising that our recent PwC Global Data and Analytics Survey found every industry is looking to become more data-driven and less reliant on human instinct.

Find out more about the data and technology helping to make your business stronger in this edition of Private Business Insights, which covers:

  • The future of cloud technology – Working with Xero and launching PwC’s Next
  • PwC’s new app helping to take food fraud off the menu
  • A new lease on life for your business property
  • Big data for small business
  • A lesson for lenders – Think like a bank
  • PwC Herald Talks – The generation war games.

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