Private Business Insights – Winter 2016

Innovation. It’s front of mind for many evolving privately owned businesses in New Zealand.

We’re getting a real sense from many businesses that the need is stronger than ever to stay ahead of competitors, diversify revenue streams, communicate to customers in new ways and build foundations for further growth. Innovation is key to all of this.

The insights in our latest edition of Private Business Insights focus on ways innovation could drive value in your business, including:

  • Making it easier to fund innovation
  • When innovation runs in the family — 2016 PwC Next Generation Survey
  • PwC Hi-Tech Company of the Year 2016 — congratulations Vista Group
  • PwC Herald Talks — Innovation
  • What Budget 2016 means for SMEs

We hope you enjoy this edition of Private Business Insights and remember, we’re here to help with your business plans, so you’re prepared for the opportunities, as well as the challenges.

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