The 20th CEO Survey – Private company view

Our annual CEO Survey explores the perspectives of business leaders from across the spectrum, on the challenges and opportunities they are facing. As well as our full survey results, we’ve released a private company view of the findings.

Many of the concerns we tracked in the CEO Survey are shared by private businesses, but there were standouts. Technology was an area where private companies are less concerned than globally, especially around cyber threats and the speed of technological change.

Some of the main findings from the survey were:

  • CEOs of privately owned companies are less likely to be planning for organic growth, but also less likely to be cost-cutting in the next 12 months.
  • 68% are concerned about the speed of technological change.
  • 59% are concerned about cyber threats.
  • Private businesses are more likely to be prioritising human capital growth rather than public companies (16% vs 13%).

If you’d like to see our full global findings from this year’s survey, just click on the thumbnail to the right.

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