Private Business Insights – Autumn 2017

With many of us putting financial wellbeing planning on the back burner, it’s worth taking a moment now to picture what you want your financial future to look like.

Without a financial wellbeing plan in place, you could be missing significant tax advantages or risking tax liabilities for the next generation.

From our experience, early planning is the key. Whether this means estate planning, managing trusts, developing a charitable giving plan, or thinking about your retirement options, having a customised plan in place is the only way to realise your goals.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Private Business Insights focused on your financial future, including:

  • PwC Real Estate Advisory – Demand for commercial property creates opportunity for owner-occupiers
  • Financial wellbeing – When good financial life planning pays off
  • Family trusts – Why is so much wealth held in trusts?
  • Business structures – Family business ties. An owner’s opportunity or obstacle?
  • Outsourced finance function – Introducing your Virtual Finance Team

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