A ringside seat with Joseph Parker

A ringside seat with Joseph Parker

WBO Heavyweight World Champion Joseph Parker sits down with PwC Partner Scott McLiver to explain how he keeps the business behind his boxing career running smoothly.

We all need someone in our corner – boxers are a prime example. Even WBO Heavyweight World Champion Joseph Parker has a team of people working behind the scenes making sure he’s not just fighting fit, but his business is too.

Team Parker has been using PwC’s Next and working with Scott and the team to not only get the best out of the cloud tools available out there, but also assist with their day-to-day business, commercial and compliance needs.

That gives Joseph and his team access to critical business information at any time and wherever he is in the world. It also means he has a team of people behind him at PwC, who he can call upon to make sure his business’ finances are ready to go the distance.

“We heard a lot of good things about PwC, and our experience so far has been amazing,” Joseph explains. “We find that the team we’ve been dealing with has been fantastic and very professional.

“I like that PwC’s Next has a set monthly cost. With that we can communicate – text, email, phone – as many times as we want and they’ll be there to answer any questions we have.”

Someone in your corner

As Joseph mentions, one of the advantages of PwC’s Next is a refreshed, proactive and future-focused relationship that businesses can have with their advisers. Instead of just going over yesterday’s finances, an adviser can constantly keep on top of your accounts and get ahead of any events or issues.

For Joseph, like many business owners, the advantages are that he doesn’t have to put all his time into managing the books, meaning he can concentrate on his core skills.

“As a professional boxer, what I have to focus on is training and being in the best shape I can be in for every fight,” Joseph continues.

“It’s important in me to have these people around so I know that I’m focusing on what I have to focus on, that they can help me and I can actually trust in them. And I feel like if I can trust in them I can focus on my job – I don’t have to worry about things that are happening in the background.”

Boxing clever

However, there are many times when you want to keep a close eye on your finances, even when others are doing the same. Through the PwC’s Next platform, the people at Team Parker have important business information at their fingertips.

“No matter where I am or no matter what time it is, I can look at my phone and keep up to date with everything that I want to see, and any information I need from Team Parker Boxing I can get it straight away,” Joseph explains.

Another advantage is the range of cloud-delivered tools and services that are out there. Products like Receipt Bank, which allows people in the business to take a photo of their receipts, instead of manually uploading them. It’s just one of the ways Team Parker has chosen to use PwC’s Next to put more time back into the champion’s hands.

“I think being introduced to these tools has definitely made my life a lot easier,” Joseph continues.

“Now I don’t have to keep receipts, I just take photos and send them through to Receipt Bank. PwC’s Next has made things a lot easier, not just for myself but for my whole team.”

Technical Knockout

Obviously Team Parker is a different business to most others. PwC’s Next provides a flexible solution to anyone’s problems. That means people get to choose the tools they want – PwC can even advise on which will suit businesses best.

Joseph Parker runs a complex business, though he says it has been simplified through his new tools.

“Fighting around the world, issues can become very complex, and it’s great to have PwC help us in this area and keep on top of things.”

It’s great to have Joseph’s back. And while you may not find a PwC adviser in the ring with a water bottle and an ice pack, we’re pleased to be able to help keep Team Parker fighting fit in a very different way.

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