Management reporting

Management reporting

Just as the temperature gauge in your car gives you an indication of how well it is running, good management reporting provides you with a real time check of the health of your business.

Good information will indicate trends which gives you the opportunity to ‘lift the bonnet’ and make tweaks before any problems become significant.

How we can help

Monthly or quarterly reporting – Knowing how your business is performing is key to making good business decisions. Regular reporting of key information, trends, and performance against plan, and most importantly understanding what it all means, will ensure you can make well informed decisions. You, your bank  and other shareholders can rest easy knowing the business performance is under control.

My Finance Partner – Do you see the benefit of a personal trainer in your exercise regime? Could you benefit from a co-pilot? Why not have a personal trainer for your finances to help track your progress and drive you to achieve your goals faster, or a co-pilot to help you avoid the pot holes. We’ll ensure you have access to timely and accurate information and meet with you regularly to discuss progress and help you achieve your goals.

Financial X-Ray – A one-page analysis of your business’s financial results that turns normal balance sheet and profit and loss data into meaning financial information. The Financial X-Ray focuses on key areas of your business’s performance and health and supports the value-added discussions we’ll have with you about how to take your business forward. Boards and management use PwC’s Financial X-Ray to test key strategies and to track the success of these strategies over time.

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