Hayden Farrow

Hayden works in PwC’s Hamilton office providing services to a wide range of private business clients of varying sizes and industries.

Tax compliance is an obligation for every business, but too often it consumes more time and resources than it should. Hayden works closely with his clients to help with their tax requirements by:

  • taking ownership of their obligations with them
  • bringing items to their attention that they need to be aware of
  • helping them to navigate material tax issues and opportunities that exist on specific transactions.

Over time Hayden has developed deep and long lasting client relationships that give rise to a thorough understanding of their business. This approach works for his clients as it helps to block out the ‘noise’, leaving them more time to get on with doing business.

At the end of the day Hayden enjoys having a drink while searing a succulent piece of meat on the BBQ.

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