Nick McVerry

Nick is passionate about understanding the business and personal goals of private business owners in order to provide practical solutions to realise value.

As part of PwC’s specialist Business Sales team, Nick helps private business owners through the process of selling their business right from analysing options through to identifying and negotiating with buyers. Nick understands the anxiety and emotions that can surround a business sale – many owners only get one shot at getting it right, and it’s certainly not business as usual. Nick has considerable experience working with clients to determine the best approach and then guiding them through the complex issues encountered at each stage of process, ensuring this process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

In addition to his role in business sales, Nick also provides advice around business valuation and leads the financial modelling service offering in the Waikato office.

When not at work, Nick spends as much time as his wife will allow fishing, diving or just being on the ocean and is also an avid motorsport watcher.

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