Startup support

Startup support

There has perhaps never been a better time to be a startup. Emerging and fast-growing businesses have the ability to cause huge disruption, find a niche, provide excellent levels of service and, ultimately, change the way New Zealand and the world works.

The startup phases are difficult for the founders and their small teams. They have their own unique set of challenges, whether it’s building trust with potential investors, managing cash flow when you’re spending so much on research and development, or meeting regulatory requirements in multiple countries.
There are plenty of plates to spin, and while no one wants to drop any, it can sometimes feel like the growth journey will never end.

The good news is that if you can keep the plates in the air most of the time, the growth potential for startup’s is real. Some have a real opportunity to turn an industry completely on its head almost overnight – it just takes some smart thinking and the right support for founders to guide their startup in the right direction.

Startup challenges

  • structuring growth strategies in line with goals
  • leveraging the use of cloud technology (and other innovations) to improve performance and reduce costs
  • building trust with investors
  • making the most of data and analytics to guide business
  • developing integrity, credibility and sustainability in business
  • meeting regulations and obligations in multiple countries
  • creating a people strategy to find, retain and reward human resources

How we can help

PwC is dedicated to helping startups with great ideas make their way in the world.

We begin by listening to your goals and ambitions, and then leveraging our experience and networks in a way that works for you. We will provide quick, pragmatic and commercial answers to the questions that naturally arise as part of your journey.

At PwC, we’re here to help with the journey. It costs nothing to get to know us, and we make sure our range of services and fees are flexible, scalable and the right fit for early-stage businesses. Our aim is to support Kiwi founders and their companies make a difference.

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