System advice and selection

System advice and selection

In a business environment, systems, people and processes are interconnected and data is a valuable asset.

You need to rely on the accuracy and accessibility of your system and the data in it to make decisions and develop strategic plans based upon past experience. As systems become more complex and data more critical to the success of the business, it is important that you feel comfortable with the way in which data is generated and stored.

How we can help

We use a proven methodology of determining the functionality you require in a system in order to help you to better manage, analyse, utilise and secure data so that you are receiving all the information you need. Our approach would include the following steps:

Analyse – We will work with you to get a good understanding of how your business currently operates and your business requirements.  Once this is documented and agreed with you, we will identify possible technology solutions and agree with you on the vendors to be evaluated.

Review – Each of the vendor solutions are evaluated against the agreed requirements. We will discuss with you whether vendor presentations or system trials would suit you and your team.

Recommend – We will work with you to select the preferred system and will then document the overall recommendation. We will then ensure you have the appropriate support required for the change to ensure a successful implementation.

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