At any point in the business lifecycle you may be looking to sell shares or assets, raise further cash or take on further debt.  And on occasion, you may need to report performance to your investors or lenders. 

Regardless of the size of your business we can provide independent valuation advice for any situation so you can understand what sort of impact your strategy or decision has had, to unlock value. We’ll help you get to grips with what your business, shares or assets, including your intellectual property, are worth, and what is really driving value.

How we can help

Whether you need a valuation for a company or asset transaction, shareholder transactions, financial reporting, dispute resolution, tax purposes or something else, we’ll provide you with analysis and an opinion fit for purpose.

Valuation of Intellectual Property – often your business’ most valuable assets are the intangible ones – your internally generated ideas and processes.  We provide a reliable valuation of these assets to enable you to unlock true value.

Dispute valuations – if you’re  involved with contract disputes, get advice and assistance with clearly conveyed damages analysis and valuation.

Purchase price allocations – get fair value assessments to meet the requirements of relevant business combinations financial reporting standards (and withstand the scrutiny of your auditors).

Impairment testing – get support with preparing andreviewing ongoing goodwill impairment tests following a transaction.

Revaluation of investments – your management team will need to communicate the performance of assets and recent investments to investors and stakeholders. We provide independent assessments of the current fair value of investments and robust analysis and insights into how value may have changed, giving comfort to investors and management.

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