Wealth and retirement planning

Wealth and retirement planning

How are you planning for retirement? Do you know when you’ll be able to retire? And what do you need to save to support your lifestyle when you retire?

We can help you plan your retirement and achieve your financial goals.

How we can help

Designed and built by one of the world’s leading financial modelers, PwC’s unique wealth and retirement planning model will help you plan your path to retirement and future financial security.

Our purpose-built model is essentially a financial forecast of your future. It considers everything from your personal goals, income, expenses, receipts and payments, assets and liabilities, and your ideal age of retirement across up to five different phases of your life.

The result is a confidential financial model that is completely tailored to suit your own retirement needs and goals, which you can use for the rest of your life.

Join our sessions

PwC hosts confidential wealth and retirement planning workshops. Here, you will have the opportunity to create your own personalised retirement plan with the guidance of our PwC retirement planning professionals. You’ll walk away with your own model to refer to and update as you need.

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